Chronological Archive

The archive is an illustrated, captioned listing of most of my commissioned and self-generated projects from 1958, up to and including 2008.

The archive is shown in chronological order but can also be viewed by category, purpose and material

  • An Altar Cross, pair of Candlesticks and a Processional Cros


    An Altar Cross, pair of Candlesticks and a Processional Cross for The Holy Trinity Church, Millhouses, Sheffield, (silver, the Staff is of ebonised wood, part-made by me but for the most part made by Jack Spencer Silversmiths Ltd.,).

  • Biscuit Barrel

    Silver Biscuit Barrel


    Biscuit Barrel commissioned by a private collector. The tiny gold Martlets flying above the clouds make an Heraldic connection with the City of Westminster. (silver, line-chasing is by Bill Richardson, engraving on lid by George Lukes).

  • Four further 2-light ‘Plommer’ Candlesticks


    Four further 2-light ‘Plommer’ Candlesticks for Wolfson College, Cambridge.

  • Humberside University Mace

    Ceremonial Mace for Humberside University


    Ceremonial Mace, rich with symbolism, commissioned by the then newly validated Humberside University, (silver, parcel-gilt, rosewood shaft, the gilded Foot was modelled, cast & chased and the Lodestone setting were made by me, otherwise for the most part finely made by silversmith Russell Rimes and his son, the carved and enamelled ‘Coat of Arms’ is by Alan Mudd, the Stand beautifully made by Chris Wells).

  • Chalice at St.Pauls, Halifax

    Replica Norman Chalice


    I was commissioned by Dr. John Addy to make his silver Chalice as a replica (but approx:10% larger) of an exquisitely made late Norman Chalice (c.1130 A.D.) discovered with the remains of Archbishop Walter de Grey in a wooden coffin, found beneath the stone floor of York Minster. Dr. Addy gave his 'new' Chalice to St. Pauls Church, Halifax.

  • Bowls for Banana Republic Inc.


    Sets of these Bowls in two sizes were made for Banana Republic Inc.

  • Flower Vases, Bowls and Beakers for The Hempel Hotel


    Flower Vases, Bowls and Beakers all chosen by Anouska Hempel as furnishings for The Hempel Hotel, then newly opened in London.

  • Silver for the Sefer Torah

    Judaic Silver


    Six pieces commissioned for the 'Sefer Torah' in a new Synagogue.

  • Sheffield Cathedral Candlesticks

    Sheffield Cathedral Candlesticks (Chapel of the Holy Spirit)


    26 pewter candlesticks (with a brass core) plus glass chimneys (borosilicate), fixed to the Choir Stalls in the Chapel of the Holy Spirit, Sheffield Cathedral.

  • Award winning Double Skin Pewter Bowl

    Pewter Bowl 12 inches


    Double Wall Construction to give both visual weight and a degree of insulation. This pewterware is lead-free and fully food safe. It is made from tin alloy of 95% pure tin approved by Safety Standards Agencies in Europe California & Japan. Pewter can be washed by hand in soapy water and buffed with a duster to preserve its patina.