2-light Candlesticks

A two-light Candlestick commissioned by Dr. Hugh Plommer as a gift for Wolfson College, Cambridge. (silver, engraved by George Lukes)

During subsequent years I have made a further nine for Wolfson College.

Additional image showing me mallet-ing a sturdy silver wire in process of making the first of the Wolfson College Candlesticks. My working drawing for this Candlestick is just discernable pinned to the wall.

  • 2-light Candelabra ::
  • Detail of Wolfson College Candelabra ::
  • Detail of candelabra for Wolfson College ::
  • Keith in Tullibardine Rd Workshop ::
2-light Candelabra

  • 2-light Candlesticks
  • Height: 43cm (17")
  • Sterling silver
  • 1973