Chairman’s Badge of Office

The Chaiman’s Badge made for South Yorkshire County Council, (the ‘Arms’ carved and enamelled by Alan Mudd, braided ribbon, with a carved and enamelled fastener).

Additional image showing initial drawing for the Chairman’s Badge of Office, commissioned for the then newly formed South Yorkshire County Council. This design incorporating various symbolic elements hung on a braided ribbon as limited by the overall budget.

The Former Chairman’s Badge, was a keepsake, presented annually for a period of around 15 years until the SYCC was disbanded, (silver over gilding metal, constructed and engraved, the backplate etched & enamelled, and mounted on a braided ribbon)

  • Chairman's Badge for South Yorkshire County Council ::
  • Drawing for SYCC Chairman’s Badge of Office ::
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  • Former Chairman's Keepsake Badge ::
Chairman's Badge for South Yorkshire County Council

  • Chairman’s Badge of Office
  • Sterling silver
  • 1974