Ceremonial Mace for the Parliament of Mauritius

Ceremonial Mace, commissioned by HM. Government for the UK Parliamentary ‘Independence Gift’ to the Parliament of Mauritius.

The heavy Head counter-balanced by a piece of Mauritian Basalt, on a rosewood shaft. The inlay of ‘Mother o’ Pearl’ (supplied from Mauritius) and a naturalistic chased detail of sugar cane were both worked by me, otherwise this piece was manufactured chiefly by Mr. Francis Beck of Wakely & Wheeler & Co. Ltd., London).

Images show two details of the Mauritius Mace, the naturalistic chasing of sugar cane close to the Head of the Mace and Indian Ocean ‘Mother o’ Pearl’ inlaid into silver at the lower end of the Shaft, and below that is a piece of Mauritius volcanic rock (basalt) forming the Foot of the Mace. The Mauritian ‘Coat of Arms’ is mounted on top of the Head of the Mace.

A leather covered Stand made for this Mace is not illustrated.

  • Mauritius Mace ::
  • Head of the Mauritius Mace ::
  • Foot of the Mauritius Mace ::
Mauritius Mace

  • Ceremonial Mace for the Parliament of Mauritius
  • 1930mm (6ft.4”) length.
  • Silver parcel-gilt
  • 1970