Chronological Archive

The archive is an illustrated, captioned listing of most of my commissioned and self-generated projects from 1958, up to and including 2008.

The archive is shown in chronological order but can also be viewed by category, purpose and material

  • Chairman's Badge for South Yorkshire County Council

    Chairman’s Badge of Office


    The Chaiman’s Badge made for South Yorkshire County Council, (the ‘Arms’ carved and enamelled by Alan Mudd, braided ribbon, with a carved and enamelled fastener).

    Additional image showing initial drawing for the Chairman’s Badge of Office, commissioned for the then newly formed South Yorkshire County Council. This design incorporating various symbolic elements hung on a braided ribbon as limited by the overall budget.

    The Former Chairman’s Badge, was a keepsake, presented annually for a period of around 15 years until the SYCC was disbanded, (silver over gilding metal, constructed and engraved, the backplate etched & enamelled, and mounted on a braided ribbon)

  • Escort's Badge for South Yorkshire County Council

    Escort’s Badge


    The Escort’s Badge for South Yorkshire County Council (‘Coat of Arms’ carved by Alan Mudd, and on a braided ribbon)

    My drawings. for two of the SYCC Badges and showing a Former Chairmans’ Badge in my hands, in process of construction.

  • Drawing for Candelabra

    6-light Candelabrum


    My sketch design for a 6-light Candelabrum (not made).

  • Tankard for Sir John Betjeman

    Champagne Mug


    Champagne Mug commissioned by Lady Elizabeth Cavendish as a 70th birthday gift for Sir John Betjeman

  • Detail of display dish

    Display Dish for Camelias


    My sketch design in pencil and crayon, for a silver Dish in which to float Camellia flowers, commissioned by Mary, Duchess of Devonshire to mark her retirement as first Chancellor of Exeter University

    Two further views showing the Dish (but without the Camellias!), and a detail showing the Rim of the Dish (exquisite chasing by Bill Richardson, engraved by George Lukes).

  • Front of ceremonial badge for Sheffield Town Trustees

    The Chairman’s Badge for Sheffield Town Trustees


    The Chairman’s Badge for Sheffield Town Trustees, (silver, richly-gilded, engraved, carved and enamelled by Alan Mudd, the two Clasps on the braided ribbon are pave-set with small diamonds)

    Another view shows the reverse

    This Badge for Sheffield Town Trustees was commissioned to replace an earlier all-gold Badge (stolen). That previous and quite different Badge, was designed by W E Bennett (my tutor in Sheffield), and largely made by me in 1955, during my final year studies at Sheffield College of Arts & Crafts.

  • Ceremonial badge for the Institute of Chartered Sureyors

    Badge of Office for the Branch Chairman


    Badge of Office for the Branch Chairman, Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Branch of the Institute of Chartered Surveyors, (silver, green Aventurine quartz behind the Lion, red & white enamelled Rod and carved Lion by Alan Mudd).

  • Chalice for Beeston Parish Church

    Chalice for Beeston Parish Church


    Chalice for Beeston Parish Church, Nr. Leeds, commissioned by The Goldsmiths’ Company, (silver, parcel-gilt). 222mm(8.75”) H

  • Casket for a retiring Lord Mayor


    Casket for a retiring Lord Mayor, commissioned by Sheffield City Council. (silver, lined with rosewood, and engraved by George Lukes).

  • Ceremonial Badge

    Two Ceremonial Badges


    Two Ceremonial Badges on braided ribbons, one for The President and one for The Chairman of The Womens’ Club at Liverpool University.