Bahamas Centre-piece

The Bahamas Centrepiece is multi-functional, shown here assembled as a single item. It comprise three adaptable components to enable independent use of the 6-light Candlestick whilst the Bowl, with the Fret in place will support a display of flowers, or with the Fret removed, the Bowl may be independently used, i.e. for fruit or salad. This piece was commissioned by H.M. Government as an Independence Gift to the people of the Bahamas Islands (chasing by Bill Richardson, the splendid carvings of the two ‘Coats of Arms’ and other engraving is by George Lukes),

Additional images:

My preliminary drawings of component parts for the Bahamas Centre-piece.

The brief required that this piece be multifunctional, thus my preliminary thoughts on three likely arrangements, a). the Bowl, b). a plan view of the Fret, c). elevation of the six-light Candlestick, b). elevation of the ‘complete’ assembly

Part of the Bahamas (Centrepiece) Bowl with the Fret in position for displaying flowers. The Bahamas Islands ‘Coat of Arms’ is mounted alongside that of the United Kingdom.

The Candlestick component which forms an integral part of the ‘complete’ Bahamas Centre-piece

  • Bahamas Centrepiece ::
  • Detail from Bahamas Centrepiece ::
  • Drawing of the bowl for Bahamas Centrepiece ::
  • Part of the Bahamas Centrepiece  ::
Bahamas Centrepiece

  • Bahamas Centre-piece
  • 405mm(16”) dia.
  • Sterling silver
  • 1974