Ideas/designs are developed in non-precious metals - pewter and/or darkly bronzed brass, as small editions of useful products, interestingly made in a quietly pleasing visual style. These are shown at selected venues including The 100% Design Show and in selected shops and galleries in the UK and overseas (and available direct).

This range provides a consuming interest and variety of metalworking for both designer and his son, Joe, and here-in lies the joy of bringing idea and metalworking together to make good-looking pieces whose purpose is to give pleasure to our customers.

"1989 was in many ways for me a watershed, freed at last from a career in Higher Education with mounting frustration if not anger accompanying 16 years as a Head of Department. Freedom at last to implement constructive decisions, opportunity to return to 'creative' thinking and to redress an earlier sidelining of the desire to indulge and experiment while working with metals. So 1990 saw the beginning of my production of low-numbers editions in modern pewter."

Pewter is now a lead-free metal alloy based on pure tin to which a very small percentage of copper and antimony are added to 'stiffen' what has been for all to long a neglected material. For the most part Keith's Pewterware uses an alloy of 95% Tin - production is assisted by his son, Joe and a few local craftspeople.

Awards for Keith's Pewterware include: -

  • The Kayman Award for Design, Manufacture and Marketing - presented at the NEC, Birmingham in 1998.

    • Blueprint Award (Short listing) at The 100% Design Show London in 1996.
  • Twice for 'Best New Product' Award presented at London's 'Top Drawer' International 'Trade' shows, in 1990 for a 30.3cm (12") diameter Bowl in a Limited edition of 200. Again in 1995 for a Beaker 8.8cm (3.5") High, both items have a double-skin construction.

We use heavy gauges - and most vessels (our bowls and drinking utensils) use a time-consuming double-skin method of construction - based on our philosophy that "Cheapness of manufacturing is not even a third criterion."

My aim is to give visual weight, tactile appeal and to express an implicitly generous 'spirit' within the personality of each piece. It is also about conveying a sense of tranquillity, as a counter to our often disparate crowding and frenetic times. Indeed, one should take hold of pewter to discover something of the pleasurable qualities of this gentle and comforting 'new metal'. Something to enjoy the more as its newness mellows over time, allowing the natural patination to develop gradually through regular use and washing-up in the kitchen sink".

Arguably pewter is the 'greenest' of practicable metals for it uses considerably less heat energy than for similar manufactures, including glassware and glazed ceramics - and it is simple to recycle.

The following Public and National Collections have purchased Keith's Pewterware for Permanent exhibition:

  • Aberdeen Art Gallery
  • Birmingham City Museum and Art Gallery
  • Pewterers' Hall London
  • The Millennium Galleries Sheffield
  • The V&A Museum London

Customers for our Pewterwork include:

  • London's Hemple Hotel
  • Banana Republic USA
  • The London Institute
  • The Real World - Peter Gabriel Ltd
  • Rudding Park Hotel - Nr Harrogate
  • Homes and Gardens
  • 'Classic Design' Awards at the V&A